For producers: Free VOL 3 Electro Swing Samples by Me

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For producers: Free VOL 3 Electro Swing Samples by Me

#1 Post by StrangeFlow » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:02 am

Hey everyone.

I know electro swing is a somewhat controversial topic on here... BUT, seeing as there are definitely some folks here that ARE into it, I figured I might as well share this post here, hopefully there's a fraction of ya that will dig this!! :) :) :)

I'm doing a giveaway today for a new sample pack just finished and released at, I know there's folks here that will likely enjoy this, so figured I'd post it up!

(IF you miss the deadline for the giveaway, you can of course pick up this sample pack at a discounted price. It'll be on sale-price for the next month or so.

Go to the link below (@ and type in your email address, and by the end of the day (EST) I'll send y'all a bunch of awesome electro swing samples from the new 'StrangeFlow's Authentic Electro Swing Samples VOLUME 3,' !!!!!

Image ... ook-it-up/

Some great artists have been sampled, and they're all royalty-free and/or copyright-expired samples, from the following artists:

Paul Whiteman (my favorite!)
Mamie Smith
Aileen Stanley
Carln Fenton and His Orchestra
Vincent Lopez & His Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra
Zen Confrey and His Orchestra
Abe Lyman & the Hotel Ambassador Orchestra
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Robert Dudley
Kid Orley
Ethel Waters
Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra
Specht’s Jazz Outfit
Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Wish ya all a swangin' day! Peace!