Camp Jitterbug & the Jump Session Show 2011

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Camp Jitterbug & the Jump Session Show 2011

#1 Post by Petitetonya » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:07 pm

Hello Lindy Hoppers!

Registration for Camp Jitterbug 2011 is officially open! We are excited to feature Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five next year! We have an incredible line-up of instructors as usual.
Check out for all of the updated info.

We will be using a new registration system next year that should simplify the registration process for everyone. Also, our pricing system is changing. We are starting our pricing lower so the early birds are rewarded. The first 100 people who register will receive the lowest price, the second 100 the next lowest price, etc.

The tier will look like this:

Number of people registered/Price of Camp
0-100 = $169
101-200 = $189
201-300 = $209
301-400 = $229
401-500 = $249
501+ = $269

Okay, see you in 2011 and thanks again for your support and excitement for Lindy Hop!!