Using "Watch This Forum"

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Using "Watch This Forum"

#1 Post by PhilShapiro » Tue Sep 09, 2003 11:51 am

At Jesse's suggestion I've started using the "Watch This Forum" feature. So far it seems like it's working pretty well.

However I have a few questions/comments about the feature:

- right now the reply-to header for these emails is always This is OK but it would be much nicer if at least the name was the poster's name. The best solution would be to have reply-to go back to the board directly, and/or to the poster's email address.

- is there a way to tell which forums I'm watching? I didn't see a summary in the user profile page.

- is there a way to watch all forums? Right now it looks like I have to visit each forum and then click on "Watch This Forum".

minor stuff:

- single and double quotes show up with \'s in front of them. This is annoying but the messages are still readable.

- blocks like [quote] have a little extra junk in them, e.g. [quote:9353b0f0f0=\"AlekseyKosygin\"]

Even with these issues, it's still a lot better (for me) than having to visit the web site. Thanks!