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#16 Post by CountBasi » Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:09 pm

MikeGuzzo wrote:
I think the worst request I received recently was for '20s' music at a 'Roaring 20s' art show. I was playing actual 20s stuff (Fess Williams, Hal Kemp, Fletcher Henderson, etc), and I offered to let the person who wouldn't listen plug in for a few songs. He played Glenn Miller and His Army Air Force Band.
On a similar vein, I arrived at a venue to DJ and was greeted at the desk by a somewhat elderly lady who asked what kind of music I play. I said I play Jazz music that Swings for dancers. She rolled her eyes and asked, pointedly, 'you aren't going to play any of that old stuff are you?'. I just repeated my first answer, more or less, went ahead and did my own thing. Then she came to me much later and said she liked what I was playing. Much of which was 'that old stuff'.

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