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#16 Post by scowl » Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:31 am

Bob the Builder wrote:You also just have to be an aware of the problems the lights with transformer plugs can create if it’s on the same circuit as the audio gear.
This isn't much of a problem any more because all generic DC adapters are designed to work with audio equipment (like portable CD players) these days. It's really just a few more cents of electronics for low amperage adapters.

DC adapters for laptops on the other hand have caused lots of problems. I guess since they put out a lot more juice and aren't intended for audio environments, the manufacturers save a few cents and let their adapters send buzz down the power lines. I've found that generally any laptop DC adapter that has a ground plug has been a noise source. I now keep three prong adapter in my bag for whenever a DJ shows up with a laptop that needs to have its ground isolated.

Another handy thing to have is a short cable with alligator clips. Some old school DJ's show up with turntables that need to be grounded. This is usually just a thin wire that was really intended to be permanently connected to a sound system with a screw terminal. Since they weren't intended to be disconnected every week, they tend to wear out and fall off or even worse, randomly inject hum and buzz into the sound if the connection is loose. The alligator clips make it easy to make a solid ground connection. If I had a turntable that got moved every week, I'd have an alligator clip on that ground wire all the time.

I don't really DJ that much but I'm responsible for getting our sound equipment to work with whatever wacky equipment a DJ may show up with. I'm building a pretty large collection of cables and connectors to carry around! :)

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Bob the Builder
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#17 Post by Bob the Builder » Sat Jun 11, 2005 9:08 am

I think it's worth look at the below website in regard to ground loops. It's a very wide subject, and it's some thing all DJ's need to know.
When you get a ground loop, you need to know how to get rid of it.


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#18 Post by Ariston » Sat Jun 11, 2005 10:18 am

Bob the Builder wrote:A Flash light is now part of my DJing standard "tool" kit. I think it's a must for checking and connecting cables to ports in dark rooms, under tables or dark corners.
But I do like a light to be provided for reading your CD or LP track listings and liner notes. Some venues are bright enough for the ambient light to work OK.
I'm a PC DJ now, so the computer provides all the light I need for everyday DJing.
You also just have to be an aware of the problems the lights with transformer plugs can create if it’s on the same circuit as the audio gear.

Actually here is my standard DJing “tool” kit list.

Laptop computer, mouse and electrical input cable.
DJing Head phones.
Power board and extension cable.
3 No. RCA to 1/8 stereo phono jack (I use 2 for DJing and 1 for backup).
Note pad and pens. Note pad backs up as a mouse pad.
iPod, for back up in case I’m getting computer problems
Port adaptors, ie 2 RCA to ¼ mono phone jack, 1/8 stereo phone jack to ¼ phone jack.
A Mixer and RCA cable (just when the venue does not have a mixer)

Brian :D
Just to add to that list:

-Unless you are planning to keep your laptop unplugged, you'll need a ground loop interrupt. ... id=270-054

-A small wireless, optical notebook mouse

-A bus powered USB light

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#19 Post by Mr Awesomer » Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:52 am

I think this applies to this thread as well:
Reuben Brown
Southern California

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#20 Post by Serg » Mon Jun 13, 2005 2:35 pm

GuruReuben wrote:I think this applies to this thread as well:
Whoa, that's me Djing at Frim Fram! The girl requested me to play Sing, Sing, Sing, I said no way. But she convinced me. It cleared the floor but it was worth it.