"Best" File Naming Convention

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"Best" File Naming Convention

#1 Post by JeffyCupcake » Wed Apr 07, 2004 11:14 am

I'm looking for some opinions on file naming conventions...

I used to name everything "[Artist] - Album\[Artist] - Track". If it's a compilation album I would just leave Artist out so it would be "[] - Album\[Artist] - Track" which would put all the compilation albums together and at the top which was nice. It seemed to work pretty well and I liked it but I'm basically "starting over". All my new CDs and things I'm going to rip again are going to be at a much higher bitrate (see http://www.swingdjs.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=678).

I was thinking of going with the "Genre\Artist - Album [YEAR]\Track# - Artist - Track.mp3" convention. However, having the track # first would suck for sorting by filename, P2P, and playing on my MP3 Discman. It would be great for burning Audio CDs though. I also thought about adding the album name to the filename but then it starts to get way too long.

I was also doing box sets as "[Artist] - Album\Disc 1\[Artist] - Track.mp3". I was thinking about just putting the Disc # in the main folder name. "[Artist] - Album (Disc 1)\[Artist] - Track.mp3"

I kind of got used to the [] because it makes the artist really stand out. It's all in the ID3v2 tag anyway though.

Common CD Types:
* Entire album by a single artist
* Compilation album
* Soundtracks
* Classical music
* Box Sets

Common Applications:
* P2P File Sharing
* CD Burning
* DJing (i.e. BMP Studio Pro / PCDJ)
* Just Listening (i.e. WinAMP)

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#2 Post by GemZombie » Thu Apr 08, 2004 11:03 am

i organize mine using Directories, and make sure the id3 tags are fully populated.


Two examples:
F:\Music Archives\Classic\Django Reinhardt\Rare Django (1928-1938)\17 - Django Reinhardt - P.B. Flat Blues.mp3
(collection/box set)
F:\Music Archives\Classic\Collections\Wicked Swing\01 - Artie Shaw - Diga, Diga, Doo.mp3

Because I have all the id3 tags in order, i can always manipulate file names quickly using a tag/mp3 editor such as Ultratagger.

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#3 Post by LindyChef » Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:24 am

Genre\Artist\Artist - Track Title - Album Title.mp3

Of course, I do all my browsing in iTunes, so it really doesn't matter since I just use it to search the ID3 tags for whatever I'm looking for.