Where do you get your music?

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Where do you get your music?

#1 Post by SiMonster » Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:04 am

Hello there :)

Finally, my new MacBook arrived (MacBook Pro 13', 8GB, 256GB SSD) and I'm really hot to start off again!
My situation is the following: My pretty big music library backup was on an external harddrive. Which got stolen. So I started to DJ with Spotify Premium and I have to say: I just don't start feeling convenient with this type of music 'rent'. I want to OWN music, not just rent it.

So I'm starting pretty much at 0 again which might even be a chance. Point is: I would like to start again building up a nice, swinging library. My preference is clearly digital downloads and I know, that some of you do use services like emusic.com.
Are there other competitors you can recommend? Maybe even with a monthly subscription fee and a download flatrate? :)

Thank you for your helful tipps,

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Re: Where do you get your music?

#2 Post by SoundInMotionDJ » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:51 am

I purchase my music. That is the #1 best way to build a collection.

I like amazon's mp3 service over iTunes. Anything you purchase is stored in their cloud "indefinitely." You can sync multiple computers and mobile devices to that cloud. Some CDs that you purchase have "AutoRip" and will be uploaded to the cloud as soon as your purchase is complete.

iTunes is my second choice. People occasionally give me iTunes gift cards on common gift giving occasions. I almost always spend them on apps...but occasionally there is music that is only available on iTunes.

I do use a subscription service for "current" music. For weddings that has a GREAT appeal. For DJing for dancers, there is MUCH less value to a service like that.

In terms of the rent/own decision....I do understand the hesitation. However, I also have a fairly distinct division between my "music I like" and "music I use to DJ" collections. Renting the DJ music side has a certain appeal. You can get access to 500,000 songs for $120 a year....by any reasonable measure that is a good deal.

My concern is that any withdrawal of the service is out of my control. So I may be left needing to make a "large" purchase on short notice to replace a service that goes away. Even so, looking back over 6 months or a year of playlists....with 500-800 songs I could "make due" over a few months while I rebuilt my deeper collection.

If you make it a habit to just purchase outright songs you play more than say 5 times...any "sudden" withdrawl of a rental service can be mitigated.

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Re: Where do you get your music?

#3 Post by turntables » Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:59 am

For the harder to find tracks that are on youtube, i use a youtube to mp3 converter.