Wireless headset mics

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christy sue
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Wireless headset mics

#1 Post by christy sue » Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:15 pm

We're looking to replace our older ones that we use for our weekly intro lesson. Anyone got recommendations?

Toon Town Dave
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Re: Wireless headset mics

#2 Post by Toon Town Dave » Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:56 am

I'm probably a little late here but we purchased some gear a couple years ago. We opted for Shure gear with the low end PG series belt pack transmitter and WH20 dynamic headset mic. The disadvantages are cables to the belt pack and the headset does not fit well on smaller heads. We opted for the neoprene belt packs to avoid the flying transmitters and the upgraded headset is a bit more durable and better quality sound. All the pieces are replaceable individually so if the head band breaks you can buy just that instead of the whole assembly. Shure sells headset, transmitter and receiver as individual components however our vendor only stocked kits and headsets we bought the instrument mic kit and headset instead of waiting for a special order. Basically the same as the individual pieces but with a 1/4" instrument cable we could use in place of a DI for a guitar or bass when we have a band. The nice thing is everything is modular so you could opt for a lavalier mic or a condenser headset with the transmitter or even use the same receiver with a handheld mic. We're happy with them. We use them outdoors so the dynamic mic is better for us however if you only use them indoors where they won't get wind noise, condenser mics are more sensitive and sound a bit better. Shure has a couple of new options since we considered the WH30.

The name of the vendor is escaping me now but there is a company that makes a system with the transmitter built into the headset. I read that moisture from sweat can cause problems with those, if anything breaks you're replacing the whole headset and they are fixed channel so you can't change channels on either the transmitter or receiver and you have to make sure you buy different channel units. The upside is no cables on the transmitter. I've seen these in use elsewhere. They work.