CityCamp - Lund Sweden - 1-3rd october

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CityCamp - Lund Sweden - 1-3rd october

#1 Post by LazyP » Fri Aug 20, 2004 2:15 am

Ok, the camp in Lund, Sweden, is on this year too. After a huge success last year with people from mostly europe but also US and Canada were back. 1-3rd of october with live music friday and saturday, dj only on late night saturday and sunday evening. There's also dances thursday and monday that are not officially part of the camp.

Check out the details at:

If anyone is interested in coming to the camp and djing some please contact me. Depending on how much djing you want to do we'll work something out with at least free evening dances (That I can guarantee) and maybe cheaper or free classes (I have to talk to the camp director about this).

Teachers: Mike Faltesek & Frida Segerdahl, Johnny Lloyd, Fabrice & Geraldine, Andrew Sutton + some extra guests.

Djs: Me (Patrik), Johanna, Marielle (you might have seen us all at Herrang) + ???
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#2 Post by jmatthew » Fri Aug 20, 2004 12:10 pm

Andrew Sutton is my new god. I'm going to build a little temple to him in a field somewhere perfectly aligned with the stars. Sweden's a little out of my travel budget though. :(
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