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#1 Post by Downeastdancer » Sat Feb 07, 2004 1:27 pm

Well, folks, we're finally over our exhaustion from putting on SwingME 2002 and it looks like we're gonna DO IT AGAIN this summer, July 30 through August 1. (That's coastal Maine in the middle of the summer heat, which should be pretty sweet.) The dance at the island yacht club with "Victory Swing" is part of the deal again, (but we'll point you in the direction of some really good lobster dinners this time rather than catering the dinner.) There will be halfhour slots for dj's who are willing to spin for free, and, if registrations permit, we'll at least comp registration for some djs who want to spin for longer than that, and we'll try to get you free housing. We're still a young, poverty-stricken scene so we probably won't be able to be more generous than that, but we'll see. Those who ventured to the last SwingME all seemed to have a great time. I hope we will be able to pull this off! If you're interested, please PM me, and Swing On! Abbie McMillen
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