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Munich Lindy Exchange

#1 Post by Donca » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:41 pm

Hey guys:

I'm new here. It seems there's a lot of stuff at this forum. I will be playing my best Rythm & Blues at Munich Lindy Exchange this week. Any of you will be there?.

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#2 Post by lipi » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:27 pm

I won't, but would be curious to see a playlist after the event. (Or feel free to just post some favourites.)

There was a fairly recent thread about soul and r&b, so you can add to that.

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#3 Post by Donca » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:48 pm

Well: I've to see what the previous DJ's play. I guess they will base their sessions on Big Bands Swing; that's why I've choosen R&B.

If R&B matches, I will play my loved girls:

Ruth Brown
Lavern Baker
Albertha Hunter
Big Mamma Thornton
Bobby Mitchel
Georgia Gibbs
Blue Lu Barker
Ella Mae Morse

Some male voices:

Slam Stewart
Larry Williams
Ray Charles
Earl Bostic

More modern music:

James Hunter
Ry Collins
Van Morrison

And perhaps some swing great hits if I see it's required: recurse to Benny Goodman, Count basy, Duke, Tommy Dorsey....

This will be my base. I will come back with the playlist.

Thanks for the suggest: I'm anxious to explore this forum and to contribute with some things.

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#4 Post by Donca » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:25 am

A little bit late, but this was (more than less) my session.

Instead of travelling with my laptop, I played with CD's, so don't remember exactly.

The first inconvenience came when when Doc Scalon Cool cats played before me, the theme I was going to start with: "The Darktown Struters Ball".

The second inconvenience, when they told me at the place, that they had to open the windows for 5 minutes, and the music of my beginning should sound very low.

So, instead o f introducing my session with an increasing song (DTSB by Alberta Hunter), I had to choose two very low themes:

"Comes Love", by Billie Hollyday.
"Singing the blues till my Daddy come home", by Jennie Lobel.

Then I was ready to turn up the volume and start to shake the dancefloor:

"On revival day" by Lavern Baker.

Allways... allways! I play a song by lavern, inmediately I have to play another one by Ruth Brown:

"Mamma, he treats your daugther mean".
"Tweedle Dee" by Georgia Gibbs.
"I'm gonna be a wheel someday", by Bobby Mitchell
"Jelly Belly Nellie", Larry Williams.

Third inconvenience: a ver sympathic lady's Birthday, and the corresponding ask for a Jam. Between my CD's there was no any "happy birthday song". So I choose "Personality", by Lloyd Price.

My first 30 minuts set was going to end, so two sure hits:

"Get on the right track baby", Ry Charles.
"Hallelujah I love her so", by James Hunter.

Many people, ioncluding the musicians asked me about James Hunter.

After another set of the wonderfull Doc Scanlon Cool Cats, I opened with Elvis: "Trouble".

Another theme which Elvis made famous: "Hound Dog", played by Big Mamma Thornton.

"Here's a little girle from Jackxonville", Blue Lu Barker.
"Heart full of Hope" - Ella Mae Morse.

I decided to repeat some of the singers from the first set:

"Jim Daddy" - Lavern Baker
"Teardrops from my eyes", Ruth Brown
"Heartbreaker" - Ry Charles

I moved again to more RnR sound with:

"Truckin'" - Sid Phillips

And one song I allways afraid to play, because it souns so simple... but is used to be a success:

"Return to sender", by Rocky Sharpe.

I closed with

"My babe", Willie Dixon,
"8, 9 and 10", Slam Stewart
"I wish I knew..." - Nina Simone

And that was all. Hope you like.