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Seattle Lindy Exchange 2010! Aug 13-15!

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:18 am
by SeattleLindyExchange
Save the date.... More info to come!

Seattle Lindy Exchange
The Northwest's best with sizzling special guests!
Aug 13-15, 2010

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Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:16 pm
by fredo

Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:01 am
by SeattleLindyExchange
At the Seattle Lindy Exchange the musicians are the special guests! Friday evening will feature...

BLACKSTICK with special guests LLOYD and EVAN ARNTZEN!


Check out a video of Blackstick playing at last year’s exchange featuring a surprise performance by Seattle’s own Lorraine O’Neal and Michael “Dargoff”!

Sometimes things skip a generation. That is definitely the case with Blackstick; the union of a grandfather-grandson team of clarinet players. Evan Arntzen, the leader of the band, has been playing hot music for dancers for the past few years on the west coast. His grandfather, Lloyd, taught him the clarinet and a love for New Orleans Jazz, and has been a mainstay on the Western Canadian Jazz scene since the 50’s. This all-star band includes guests John Reynolds (gtr), Ben Polcer (trpt) and Jason Jurzak (bass).

Blackstick: Lloyd Arntzen, Evan Arntzen - cl/ss; Ben Polcer - trpt; John Reynolds - gtr;
Jason Jurzak - bass; Benji Bohannon - drums & cymbals


AUG 13-15, 2010!

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:31 pm
by SeattleLindyExchange
SATURDAY EVENING of the Seattle Lindy Exchange will feature 


Image Image

The Swingin’ M’Gills is the reunion of Casey MacGill (uke/piano/crnt), John Reynolds (gtr) and Paul Woltz (bass sax), all former band mates from California!  Joining them will be Evan Arntzen (cl/sax) from Vancouver, BC with Seattle residents Robin Cady (bass) and Michael Faltesek (gtr) in a band that was born to swing! 

Check out this clip of Casey and John playing with the MOOD INDIGO trio!  John tears it up on the guitar at 1’46 and you can’t beat Casey’s scat solo at 2’08!!

Casey MacGill
From California, he is a classic Hollywood character in appearance and style. MacGill plays boogie-woogie, swing, and stride piano. He blows a lyrical cornet, and his most unique instrumental voice is a 6-string tenor ukulele. He has been singing and arranging vocal harmonies for almost 30 years, in a career that stretches from Los Angeles (Mood Indigo, feature films “Frances” and “Swing Shift”) to Spokane, WA (The Spirits of Rhythm and the classic album “Jump”) to Broadway (the musical “Swing”) and finally to Seattle.  He can be found playing with his Blue 4 trio at local spots around Seattle weekly.

John Reynolds
John Reynolds picked up the banjo at the age of 11 and shifted his focus to the guitar after he heard Eddie Lang on the the 1926 Jean Goldkette recording of “Sunday”.  John was a member of Disneyland’s Banjo Kings for several years and has played guitar and banjo with his brother, Ralf Reynolds, Paul Woltz and the cream of the Southern California traditional jazz musicians since the late 60s.  He's played with Mood Indigo, the Palms Springs Yacht Club, Dean Mora, the Reynolds Brothers and a number of other groups.

Paul Woltz

Paul and Casey played in the Rubber Band (1973-75), on the Gong Show (1976), and Paul was in the Mood Indigo Orchestra from 1980-84.  He has been playing as a reed man with the UptownLowdown Jazz Band since about 1985.

Aug 13-15

HOUSING WITH A SEATTLE HOST IS ONLY GUARANTEED IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED BY JULY 1st!  We’ll try our best to find accommodations for all who need a place to stay, but register as soon as possible to secure a spot with one of our generous Seattle hosts!!

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:50 pm
by SeattleLindyExchange
SATURDAY LATE-NIGHT will be featuring New Orlean's



Ben Polcer, trumpeter and pianist extraordinaire, will be joined by fellow New Orleans guests Jason Jurzak on upright bass and guitar, and Meschiya Lake singing vocals. Together with our local traditional jazz ringers, Ben Polcer and his Wolverines will bring the Big Easy alive late into the night.


Since first playing Seattle with the Loose Marbles at the 2008 lindy exchange, Ben Polcer, Jason Jurzak, and Meschiya Lake have been making yearly returns. They bring a musical connection from New Orleans to Seattle with a spark of joy and intensity for the music and the dancing.

Ben Polcer :;; Ben co-leads the Loose Marbles Jass Band, playing gigs weekly at all the hot spots in New Orleans. A former resident of New York City, Ben and others began a street jazz band, Baby Soda, which has taken off as a great addition to NYC busking, bringing hot jazz to the streets and subways.

Jason Jurzak : Jason Jurzak is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and dedicated member of the rhythm section. As a bassist/sousaphonist in New Orleans he is a regular on the vibrant Frenchman Street music scene and in traditional jazz clubs around the city. As a composer and songwriter, his work has been heard on PBS, NPR, Sirius/XM and numerous radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Meschiya Lake :; Meschiya, once a member of the Loose Marbles, now fronts her own eclectic band of jazz folk, the Little Big Horns. She sings often on Royal St. during the day and Frenchman St. in the evening, and has a hot new album out, "Lucky Devil".

The Wolverines
Ben Polcer - trpt/piano, Craig Flory - reeds, Dave Loomis - tbone, Dave Brown - bass, Benji Bohannon - drums & cymbals, Jason Jurzak - gtr, Meschiya Lake - vocal melody


Do you play an instrument? Guitar? Clarinet? Trumpet? Uke? Wanna jam with New Orleans guests Ben Polcer and Jason Jurzak? Well, bring your instrument to the Seattle Lindy Exchange for BAND CAMP on Saturday afternoon. This is a generous one-of-a-kind musical opportunity that you won't want to miss! Register and tell us what you play. More details to come.


Aug 13-15

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:21 am
by SeattleLindyExchange
SUNDAY EVENING at the beautiful CENTURY BALLROOM will feature....


Image Image
*Photo of Meschiya by LensJockey

Get yourself gussied up and latch on to the groove of big band swing. These 13 swinging jazz men will be hittin’ and blowin’ amazing arrangements from the swing era, as well as some original charts by Glenn Crytzer. Topping it off will be special guest MESCHIYA LAKE, our fabulous guest vocalist from New Orleans.

Check out this clip of the Blue Rhythm Band at last year’s Exchange! ... r_embedded#!

Cryzter’s Blue Rhythm Band has been one of Seattle’s favorite big bands since their formation in 2008 for Seattle’s Killer Diller Ball. They brought the house down at the 2009 Seattle Lindy Exchange and we’re excited to have them back! This 13 piece line up is comprised of some of the finest jazz musicians in the Pacific Northwest. Cryzter’s Blue Rhythm band plays charts from the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra, the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra, the Benny Goodman Orchestra, and many more including of course their namesake, the Mills Blue Rhythm Band. The band also pioneers new arrangements of classic tunes written in the 1930’s style by bandleader Glenn Crytzer.


Lance Buller, Steve Mostovoy - trpt; Dave Loomis - tbone; Steve Tresler, Craig Flory, Paul Woltz, Galen Green - reeds; Glenn Crytzer - gtr; Dave Brown - bs; Solomon Douglas - p; Benji Bohannon - dr; Meschiya Lake - v; Glenn Cryzter - arr.

Aug 13-15, 2010

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:19 pm
by SeattleLindyExchange
Due to popular demand....


DATE: Sat, August 14th of the SEATTLE LINDY EXCHANGE
TIME: Late-night!! 9pm-2am!!
WHERE: The Backroom Bar - the back room of Washington Dance Club!
* 21+ only! Valid ID is required. We will be checking. Really.*



If there's one thing that Seattle lindy hoppers are known for - besides swinging out at 300bpm - its a fervid love of karaoke. Seattle-ites often take the post-event party to The Rickshaw - our beloved Chinese-American restaurant/lounge that features karaoke 7 nights a week. Last year we had the brillant idea to bring the karaoke party into the exchange so all of the dancers - even those that have to work on Monday - could join in on the fun!

Don't worry about not knowing all the lyrics or being off-key! Take it from Mark "Axl" Kihara - Seattle dancer, MC and karaoke legend - volume and charisma are all it takes to become a karaoke legend! (If you can fashion a make-shift bandana out of a tie or scarf, that never hurts either!) You don't have to sing to enjoy the show.... though when "Total Eclipse of the Heart" comes on, you'll probably end up singing along with everyone anyway!

Here's a clip of Seattle locals Brien and Dargoff leading the Rickshaw in "500 Miles": ... -2r2kolpBs

KARAOKE will happen in the BACKROOM BAR, the side-room of the Washington Dance Club, from 9pm-2am on SATURDAY night. The Backroom Bar is 21+ only (valid ID required) and CASH ONLY.

Aug 13-15

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:35 am
by SeattleLindyExchange

1. PRE-exchange and POST-exchange DANCES!
Don't want to stop the fun???

TUES, AUG 17th at WAID'S: Meschiya Lake from New Orleans will be singing at Burn Blue's weekly Tues BLUES dance from 9pm-1am! At Waid's located at 1212 E. Jefferson St. $8 before 9pm, $10 after 9pm. STUDENT DISCOUNT: $2 off! 18+.

THURS, AUG 12th at THE RUSSIAN CENTER: Glen Cryzter and his Syncopators will be kicking off the exchange at the Russian Center, located at 704 19th Ave E on Capitol Hill. $10. ... 774&ref=ts

If you need EVEN MORE dancing, check out Seattle's regularly scheduled dances WEDS at the Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill and MONDAY at Sonny Newman's Dance Hall in Greenwood (201 N 85th St)!

On TUES before Waid's check out THE NEW ORLEANS creole restaurant in Pioneer Square (114 1st Ave So.) for FREE live music featuring one of Seattle's favorite local trad bands Holotradband! Yes, in Seattle, it is possible to dance every single night of the week!!

2. HAPPY HOUR at the BACKROOM BAR on Saturday night!

Announcing HAPPY HOUR for the 21+ crowd on Saturday night. Come join us from 8:30pm-9:30pm in the BACKROOM BAR at Washington Dance Club and enjoy $2 off all drinks! CASH ONLY.


Unfortunately Casey MacGill will not be able to join the fun this year. But don’t fear, JOHN REYNOLDS AND HIS HOTEL LAGUNA ORCHESTRA featuring Paul Woltz, Evan Arntzen, Robin Cady and Michael Faltesek will be swingin’ the dance floor at the Saturday evening dance!


We have some of the best swing and blues DJs to keep the dancing going during the band breaks, afternoon dances, and late into the night! Our swing DJs are: Travis, Michael "Falty", Joel, Freddie, Kelly, Brenda, Dan, Lucy and Mark!! Our blues DJs are: Emily, Martin, Topher, Carolyn, Solomon, Chris, Jeremy and Karissa. And we have to give a shout out to our KARAOKE MC Brien Brown!


Thank you to all that participated in the registration rush and registered by 11:59pm on Fri, Aug 6th. The drawing for a FREE PASS to SEALX 2011 will happen at the SATURDAY night dance!! If you haven't registered yet, do so before registration closes!!


We pride ourselves on comfortable, well-fitting shirts with a design you'll actually wear - and not just to bed or the gym. Our graphic designer STEVE STRAUSS has really out-done himself this time! We love the color and design of this shirt. And ladies, as always, our American Apparel shirts feature a comfortable neck-line. This year we're going with a tried-and-true scoop neck! If you haven't pre-ordered your shirt yet, they will be for sale for $15. Sizes do run out so get yours early!!

7. BAND CAMP JAM looks like it's going to be AWESOME

We're so excited to see so many aspiring musicians joining us for the first ever BAND CAMP JAM on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. If you are thinking about bringing an instrument, send us an email at to get more information. ALL LEVELS are welcome, as long as you have your own instrument and enough experience to be comfortable jamming with a group. This is going to be so much fun!!


Hosting arrangements will be sent out this week. We're pretty maxed out on housing at this point but if something has come up for you and you need a place to stay CONTACT US as soon as possible and we'll try to ask around for you.


There will be a limited number of single dance passes at-the-door at all of the evening dances and late nights. Save yourself some cash for the BACKROOM BAR and pre-register for the whole weekend, but if work or life have other plans for you, come join us for an evening or two! (Door prices are listed on the FAQ page of the website here: [url]

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:26 pm
by SeattleLindyExchange
Registration CLOSES at midnight TONIGHT! See you soon!!