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Southern Belle Swing Bash

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:20 am
by erinregina

Southern Belle Swing Bash is a workshop weekend devoted to women's role in Lindy Hop and all forms of jazz dance.
Now in our fifth year, Southern Belles is the longest running annual ladies' Lindy Hop workshop in the world! This year we'll have an intense and focused series of classes for both solo and partnered dancing. And continuing the tradition of past years, we will have high energy contests, late night dances, and live music.

2009 Teachers
We're excited to bring you a teaching line-up this year of past favorite Southern Belle instructors as well as some fresh new talent:

Sharon Davis
Evita Arce
& Caitlin Wellman

Registration opens TONIGHT: Tuesday, June 9th at 7PM EST!
Get ready for the madness. As always, our first round of "Early Bird" registrants will save good $$! This year, we are giving the Early Bird discount of $20 off to our first 15 registrants only! See website for pricing details.

We have some surprises in the works to celebrate our 5th year in style, so sign up early and join us for the festivities! We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in August!

Gina, Jaya, & Michael

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:47 pm
by erinregina
Wow, can you believe it's July already?
We're less than two months away from celebrating the 5th year of Southern Belle Swing Bash! Join us August 21-23, 2009 in Atlanta for an explosive weekend of workshops, performances, live music, great DJ's, outstanding teachers, and high-energy contests!

Friday night
We are very pleased to announce that Southern Belle Swing Bash is hosting the 2009 ALHC Southeast Regional Qualifier for American Showcase! You don't have to go to ALHC to participate, so grab a partner and sign up! This Strictly Lindy Hop contest features a slow and a fast round.

Saturday night
It's the return of the Southern Belle Showdown -- our follower-focused Jack & Jill contest! Saturday night will also feature the live musical stylings of the Gypsy Hicks (a huge hit with Atlanta area dancers). And we'll be keeping the energy going at late night with our All-Ladies' Solo Jazz contest.

We're also bringing back our Sunday night dinner-and-dancing theme, hosted this year at the impeccably lovely Engine 11. (It used to be a fire station!)


We'll be releasing more details soon on music, performances, and class topics, so keep your eye on the website for that. But you already know it's going to be off the hook! Register now and secure your spot!

(And dudes... did we mention that the weekend is FREE TO VOLUNTEER LEADERS? Yeah. I mean, seriously, what are you waiting for? There might be a Sharon Davis fan dance in your future.)

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:02 pm
by erinregina
Southern Belle Swing Bash is exactly ONE MONTH AWAY!

We are so excited about the weekend we have planned for y’all. The website is now updated with a complete listing of workshop classes and tracks. This year we’re giving you THREE options to custom-tailor your follower education.

Solo Track: Kick, gyrate, stomp, shimmy, and twist your way through this intense series of classes focusing on solo movement! Challenge yourself to dance without a partner and learn to master the movement of your own body. Sharon, Caitlin, and Evita will take you through the whole range of solo dancing: high-energy solo jazz and Charleston, slow and sultry Blues, sassy and sexy Burlesque, and fine-tuning Technique classes.

Partner Track:
Our 5-year tradition of follower-focused Lindy Hop instruction continues in this series of partnered classes especially for the ladies. Push yourself to new levels of creativity and musicality, inspire your leader with fancy footwork, learn to connect with your partner easily and fluidly, and add a unique feminine touch that’s all your own! Sharon, Caitlin, and Evita will help you become one of those sought-after followers the leaders love to dance with.

Mix ‘n Match: Can’t decide which track to choose? You don’t have to! Create your own custom-tailored weekend by attending the classes you find most interesting. Each of the 8 class sessions will feature one solo and one partnered class to choose from.

Read the complete class descriptions here:

Register now and save $26 off at-the-door prices! We’re also still accepting volunteer leaders, so encourage your guy pals to sign up for free entrance to all dances.

Housing assignments will be sent out approximately August 1st. First come, first served. We also have a special group rate at the beautiful Georgia Tech Conference Center Hotel, which is walking-distance from all the workshops! Check out the “Travel” page on our website for details.

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:19 am
by erinregina
Time is running out! Online registration for Southern Belle Swing Bash will be closing in two weeks, on Friday, August 14th. So hurry and sign up now & save $26 off at-the-door pricing!

T-shirts are here!

Check out our newly-unveiled t-shirt design! We will have both ladies’ and men’s t-shirts available to be purchased at the event to commemorate our 5th year. (Sorry, no advance purchase available.)


New class added: Making Bloomers with Morgan!

Morgan Kestner will be hosting a bloomer-making session on Saturday afternoon so you can wear your twirly short skirts without worrying about showing your underthings. You’ll want to show off these sassy shorts when you’re done! Bring a pair of spandex shorts, swim shorts, or any other shorts with an athletic, stretchy fit in the color of your choice -- Morgan will provide everything else that you need! Add some ruffles and bows and by the end of lunch you’ll walk out with a new pair of frilly bloomers all ready for the Saturday night dance.


Full DJ Line-up Announced!

We’ve got a stellar list of DJs this year ready to spin your favorite tunes all weekend:

Sharon Davis (Perth, Australia)
Michael Gamble (Asheville, NC)
Gina Helfrich (Atlanta, GA)
Robert Barbier (Atlanta, GA)
Laura Windley (Durham, NC)
Breanna Perry (Nashville, TN)

Register NOW to join us for all this good stuff and more…

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:13 pm
by erinregina
Southern Belle Swing Bash is a workshop weekend devoted to women's role in Lindy Hop and all forms of jazz dance. Now in our sixth year, Southern Belles is the longest running annual ladies' Lindy Hop workshop in the world! This year we're excited to feature four lady-instructors all of whom are brand new to this event! And continuing the tradition of past years, we will have high energy contests, late night dances, and live music. Visit our home page:

We are very excited to present Dawn Hampton, Carla Heiney, Jo Hoffberg, and Laura Keat! All four ladies are newcomers to Southern Belle, and we know you can't wait to see what they have to offer. Their distinctly different styles and bright personalities will guide you through your next stage of dance growth, from superhero technical skills to gorgeous styling. Learn all about them:

As always, our first round of 'Early Bird' registrants will save good $$! We'll let you know soon what that savings will be. THESE TYPICALLY SELL OUT IN UNDER 5 MINUTES. After that, regular pre-registration pricing will apply.

Also, for the first time, Southern Belle will be offering a 3 month payment plan to make it even easier to cover your cost of attending.

Visit us and learn more at!


Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 3:14 pm
by erinregina
Registration opens TONIGHT, Monday, May 10th at 7PM EST. As always, our first round of 'Early Bird' registrants will save good $$! Each time we get a certain number of follower registrants, we enter the next pricing phase -- so the sooner you sign up, the less you pay! The first 10 people pay just $89, the next 15 pay $99, etc. See website for more details.

Create an account now, so that your registration process will go more quickly. This is especially useful during the early bird rush, during which we expect the first price group to sell out almost immediately, and possibly the second.

- Top notch, follow focused classes with some of the top followers on the planet including Carla Heiney, Laura Keat, and Jo Hoffberg, plus the amazing and fabulous Dawn Hampton!
- Brilliant music all weekend long with some of the nation's top DJ's (live music announcement coming soon!)

If you commit to being in class all weekend, there is no cost to register. If you're just interested in the dances, you can pay for those at the door.

For the first time, Southern Belle will be offering a 3 month payment plan to make it even easier to cover your cost of attending. You will see this option at the end of the registration process.

Visit us and learn more at!


Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 3:19 pm
by erinregina
Turnout for our early registration launch was awesome! Over 50 followers from 38 cities showed up in the first 15 minutes to save money and share your excitement about the event. AND IF YOU HAVEN'T SIGNED UP YET, there are just 2 -- yes, 2 -- slots left in this price mark, and then ten slots for the next price mark.

Many leaders also showed up (thanks, guys!) to register, but we need more! Our goal is for this to be a perfect-ratio-event, so ladies give those fellas a kick to come on over and sign up. And guys -- you know this -- but even though classes at Southern Belle are aimed at the followers, leaders universally report having their minds blown in class. Join us.

We are very excited to inform you that we've coerced one of our favorite DJ's, the incomparable Mike Thibault of Rochester, NY, to come down and share his magic with us. You might remember Thibault from him rocking the Wednesday night soul party at Lindy Focus. Naturally, his swing collection is unsurpassed in any style. Joining him on the roster so far are Michael Gamble (NC), Gina Helfrich (MA), and Tomo Tanaka (NY)!

Class updates from your instructors coming soon... It's gonna be a great year.
Visit us and learn more at!


Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:53 pm
by erinregina
Now you can check out all of the amazing classes that will be offered this year by our unbelievable lineup of lady instructors. From styling and creativity to core technique to solo movement, they hit all the topics that will super-charge your dancing! Some intriguing examples: Dancing With more Than Just Your Feet with Laura, My Following Philosophy with Carla, and, yes, the Slip Slop Shim Sham with Jo. See all of our class topics:

We are thrilled to welcome this amazing Atlanta band back to Southern Belle. They absolutely swung our socks off two years ago, and we know you'll be amazed. Style-wise, Hotlanta sets your feet firmly on Bourbon Street in Old New Orleans. You'll experience every bit of the joy, energy, and humor of that early American Jazz called Dixieland. Songs from Fats Waller, Hoagy Carmichael, Louie Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, plus many old favorites like Sweet Georgia Brown, Royal Garden Blues, South, Hard Hearted Hannah, and When The Saints Go Marchin' In are all part of Hotlanta's musical treat.

This event is sneaking up, register now while there's still time! You know you want to.
Visit us and learn more at!


Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:21 am
by erinregina
It's hard to believe it's almost time for another bash, but it's coming fast and we're super excited! Online registration WILL close on August 5th -- that's just 3 weeks away. And the event itself is just a month away, oh yeah!

Of course, one of the big things that make this event work is the help of our invaluable Gentlemen Assistants. Guys - there is no cost to attend Southern Belle! Just show up for all the classes, and you'll get into the dances for free. Leaders ALWAYS walk away from this event stunned at how much they got out of it. Learn more about how it works:

As always, we've got an original design for this year's garments, and we're very happy to feature the stunning youthful visage of the legendary Dawn Hampton. These shirts are not available for pre-order, but will be for sale in limited supply at the event!


Visit us and learn more at!

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:06 am
by erinregina
Yup, we're THAT close to the event! We'll be shutting down the online registration form on August 5th, so make sure to get yours in before then! Visit our registration page:

Leader signups have been awesome this year -- better than ever! So we're expecting great class ratios to help you all learn as much as possible during the amazing workshops our instructors will be offering. Thanks, fellas! OF COURSE, we'd love to have even more, so come on and join the fun, guys!

All of the instructors are available for private lessons throughout the weekend, and we strongly encourage you to seek out your favorite instructor for some special one-on-one time. Also, you'll no doubt be excited to know:

Kevin St. Laurent will be joining us for the weekend. Guys, take a private from him! Girls, take a private from him! We're psyched to have him here - let's squeeze him for all he's worth.

Also, Carla Heiney has made herself available for private lessons all day Friday the 13th as well as Monday the 16th.

To book privates with any instructor, you can contact that instructor directly or email us to help you get in touch.

See you all soon!
Visit us and learn more at!