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Big Bang - Hep Cat City Camp 2005

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 5:58 am
by LazyP
We're back again for the third year. This time better than ever so get your wallet out and book your plane tickets to Sweden (or actually Copenhagen because that's the nearest large airport) and come to Lund.

6th to 10th of october. 5 days of dancing, 3 nights with live bands.
Workshops with Steve & Heidi (US), Dan & Christi (UK), Mike & Frida (US/SWE) and others.
Bands are being booked right now but there will be a big band, a smaller band and something more...
And there will be lots of more stuff like fashion show, retro hair dressers etc.

Djs confirmed: Mike Faltesek, Christi Guest (UK), Carsten Busk Senholt (DK) and local DJs

Old website
new website is on the way

If you want to come and DJ please contact me. I can't offer much money but I promise great fun during 5 days.

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 1:32 am
by LazyP
The new website is up with lots of information

Two bands booked so far:
Gunhild Carling swing band - I know several of you on this board have their last cd and now they've become even better!
Betty Blue & the Boat Gig Crew - Danish swing band from copenhagen, a bunch of young jazz musicians including a guy on guitar who's trying to becom e the new Freddie Green.

And for the people from UK, you can grab a flight back AND forth from Stanstead to Malmoe for only 0.4 GBP (excluding taxes) with Ryan air.