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Rockin' Cab Calloway Tune?

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:43 am
by cptcole
This has been bugging me for a very, very long time, but I really love this little riff tune that Cab Calloway and his band play here in 'Sensations of 1945.' The band swings SO HARD when they come in. My question is: 1) what is the name of this tune, and 2) is there another recording (either studio or radio broadcast) of the Cab Calloway orchestra playing this same chart? Or is there some copy of the soundtrack somewhere that I could get get my hands on minus the clapping and screaming?

Fun fact - he's uncredited here in the comments of this video, but other discographies claim that the snippet of a saxophone solo you hear after the break is Illinois Jacquet. One discography credits this song as 'Unidentified Riff Tune' and another credits it as 'Ebony Rhapsody' (which is sounds nothing like!). Any help would be appreciated!