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[Answered] One O'Clock Jump, Count Basie (Blue Room, 1944)

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:27 pm
by kitkat

Probably too screechy at the end to ever play at a dance, but boy does it have a fun middle.

Appears on a lot of box sets, but does anyone recognize it and know what session / transcription it originally comes from?

Re: Count Basie - One O'Clock Jump - Repeat New Under-Riff

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:22 pm
by lipi
Well, aren't you lucky that I only have about ten versions of OOJ that clock in close enough to 3:53 to be serious candidates?

This is almost certainly the session:

Blue Room, Hotel Lincoln, New York, May 13, 1944
Ed Lewis, Al Killian, Harry Edison, Joe Newman (tp), Dickie Wells, Ted Donnelly, Eli Robinson, Louis Taylor (tb), Earl Warren, Jimmy Powell (as), Buddy Tate, Lester Young (ts), Rudy Rutherford (bar,cl), Count Basie (p), Freddy Green (g), Rodney Richardson (b), Jo Jones or Shadow Wilson (d)

I have it on Hindsight HCD-224, "1944: Count Basie and His Orchestra with Artie Shaw, Jimmy Rushing, and Thelma Carpenter", which you should pick up, because a) it sounds better than the YouTube clip, and b) the two tracks with Artie Shaw are excellent, and c) so is the rest. (I see that I have not played OOJ at a dance, though I have it in my should-play list, and I would absolutely play it, with a hand on the treble control for the last minute). ... 001E5794U/