*OPEN* Boy with a coronet...?

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*OPEN* Boy with a coronet...?

#1 Post by carolinadon » Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:34 am

I listen to streaming radio almost every night... and often fall asleep to it.
Early Sat, July 30th, 3-6am, I was tuned to the 20th Century Radio stream
playing detective shows from the 1930s, when I awoke to a interesting song
with a swing or stomp beat. I liked it and thought I would remember part
of the lyric and search in the morning. Knowing how "sleepy memory" works,
I emailed myself a reminder from my bedside iphone two things from the song
and went back to sleep.

There were several mentions of "Boy with a coronet" and one line of
lyric was "she got the bob, he got the curls..." referring to the hairstyles of the boy
and girl. I thought that would be enough to id the song, but I have searched
music lyric sites without a hit.

I emailed 20th Century Radio, but they did not respond.
I emailed a site (http://onlineradiobox.com/us/20thcentur ... playlist/1)
that claims to keep a 7-day transcript from 20th Century, but they did not respond either.
Their log did show two possible titles: Shreveport Stomp and Fellow on a Furlough. However
the "Fellow" song is totally different, and all versions of "Shreveport" that I find online
have no lyrics... it doesn't seem to ever have had lyrics.

It also seems like the title should have "boy" and "coronet" in it, but I can find

Does anyone know the title of this song? or know where I might find someone who knows?

Thank you,