*OPEN* Big Band Crazy actual artist(s)?

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*OPEN* Big Band Crazy actual artist(s)?

#1 Post by MikeGuzzo » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:41 pm

I have a CD that a friend loaned me a while back (2002) to add to my library. Unfortunately, this was before I started paying attention to things like who was actually making the music and just grabbing any tracks I could. The CD is TERRIBLE, because it adds a .midi drum machine boom-chick over top of all the songs. However, I recently played it again as a laugh among some friends and listened to the actual tracks, and some were actually decent. The label artist is Electric Swing, but I'm wondering if anyone out there in DJland knows what band actually recorded the music or where those tracks can be gotten without the horrendous boom-chicks. The liner notes aren't worth paying money for that CD unless it's for use as a Top Shot challenge recreation.