Clarification of "Other Music"

Other music that might interest us

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Clarification of "Other Music"

#1 Post by JesseMiner » Thu Jan 08, 2004 1:53 pm

julius wrote:Maybe it's just me, but "Other Music" seems to imply the negative of "Swinging music we love to DJ". Which is about as far from "lindy hop music" as I can imagine. Why would you play a song that doesn't swing for lindy hop?
"Other Music", when created, was intended to cover other music we might play at dances that falls out the realm of what we regularly play for Lindy Hoppers to swing dance to. This would include topics on waltz, salsa and hustle music among others. We've been flexible with this of course since people have been interested in the occasional discussion that falls out of the "danceable" realm. As long as it doesn't get out of control, that is fine.

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#2 Post by shortyjul » Thu Jan 08, 2004 7:12 pm

oops - i just thought it was for talking about any old music that we wanted to talk about. sorry for veering off of the prime directive.

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#3 Post by SirScratchAlot » Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:16 pm

Yea, and we love that term "danceable" music...hahaha

There is no such freakin thing...only dancers that cant dance.

I wish someone would infact play something UNDANCEABLE!!!

instead of the usual boring crap.
\\\"Jazz Musicians have dance in them, and Jazz dancers have music in them, or Jazz doesn''''t happen.\\\" Sidney Bechet