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Mingus Mosaic set

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:43 pm
by J-h:n
First Mosaic set I'm about to pre-order that I have no intention of dj-ing anything from. Not that Mingus didn't swing - he certainly did, only not in the lindy hop way. He was still amazing, probably my favorite post-1945 jazz musician/composer. He was very much influenced by Ellington, and Ellington in his later years was obviously influenced by him. He was a madman (when a friend of mine met him in Stockholm in the late 1960s, he amused himself by throwing knives at people), but he was also a kind of genius. If you´re curious about modern jazz but wary of the excesses of bebop, you just might want to check this guy out. ... =253-MD-CD