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Katy Perry

#1 Post by remysun » Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:27 pm

http://www.realdetroitweekly.com/conten ... 5157.shtml

I only know "I Kissed A Girl", but she mentions the Santa Barbara swing scene from 12 years ago.
Where did you get your outlandish style from?
The swing dancing and Lindy Hop group I was apart of in Santa Barbara at age 13 and 14 had these really dedicated dancers in the group and they played the part so well. They had the embroidered cardigans, the pencil skirt and everything down to the nails had a unique twist to it. I really loved that big personality or strong personality look and I kind of just took that. I’m a big fan of colors, huge fan of patterns, but a huge fan of goofiness. I love if a dress has a cheeseburger on it. It makes me happy for I don’t know what reason. I like the irony of the clothes. A lot of people see my clothes and think, “What the hell was she thinking?” This is an ironic statement and I know exactly what I’m thinking and it’s almost so over the top, so larger than life that it makes someone in my audience break the monotony of their life and laugh.