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Re: gimme

#16 Post by CafeSavoy » Sat Jun 07, 2003 12:41 pm

djstarr wrote:
Swing Session credited their main influence as Roy Milton and his Solid Senders --- the main west coast jump blues band from the '50s --- I also like playing them against Swing Session.
give a listen to Paul Bascomb, they seem to be another influence.

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#17 Post by Swifty » Sat Jun 07, 2003 4:12 pm

Ron wrote:[I checked out disconforme, but unless I'm completely stupid, there's no track lists and no music samples, so how can I possibly evaluate the CDs? they look interesting...
Most of the CDs they offer are listed on Amazon & Barnes & Noble, including tracks.

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#18 Post by Doug » Sat Jun 07, 2003 5:18 pm

Some (probably) obvious suggestions?

I will ignore all the reprise swing groups like Bill Elliot, Mora, etc.

1. Any of Panama Francis' post war stuff
2. Kieth Ingham, especially Mellow Bit Of Rhythm which focuses on Mary Lou Williams pieces
3. Oscar Peterson 1945-47. Ya, it is hardly post war, but oh well. Great uptempo piano.
4. Big Joe Duskin for some hot boogie piano with a rhythm section
5. Several cuts off KC after Dark soundtrack work well
6. Of course the Titan hot 5 and hot 7 CDs are cool
7. I love Bryan Ferry's 'As Time Goes By' CD
8. Tuxedo Big Band (French) with Bob Wilber at the helm - 'Unreleased Arrangements of Fletcher Henderson'. Yesssss. Rose of the Rio Grande!

Are these the kinds of things you had in mind????

There are also a large number of boppish CDs that still have a rhythm section and I love dancing to. For example, Eddie Lockjaw Davis' Blues Up and Down has a couple of tunes on it. The BeBop Singers - especially Joe Carroll. Jumpin' With The Big Swing Bands (Collection) is a just post war bopish thing with Jimmie Lunceford, Ray McKinley, Earl Warren and others. Some Lindy Hoppers seem to have a thing about boppish stuff hoever.

And of course, Lorraine Feather's 'NY City Drag' CD - Pipe in here julius. And we can't forget Terry Clark's Mumbles. I love that song.

I have more along these lines if these are the kinds of things you are looking for.


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Re: gimme

#19 Post by djstarr » Sat Jun 07, 2003 6:37 pm

CafeSavoy wrote:give a listen to Paul Bascomb, they seem to be another influence.
thanks Rayned - I liked what I heard --- so I got some coming my way - very cool....