Set list from Duke vs Count

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Set list from Duke vs Count

#1 Post by main_stem » Tue Mar 25, 2003 10:03 pm

Here is my set list from Ellington Vs Basie.

Corner Pocket--Both--The Count Meets the Duke
"Alright, Ok"--Basie--Count Basie at Newport 1956
Jack the Bear--Duke--Blanton/Webster Band
Jive at five--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
Wings and Things--Duke--Soul Call
Shiny Stockings--Basie--Basie and Ella
C Jam Blues--Duke--Blues in Orbit
Dirty Dozen--All American Rhythm Section (Basie)--Complete Decca Recordings
Squaty Roo--Duke--Passion flower
As long as I live--Count Basie Trio--the First Time
Perdido--Duke--Newport 1959
Roseland Schuffle--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
Tulip or Turnip--Duke--Neport 56 Complete
Person to Person--Basie--Complete Roulete Years
Piano Player--Duke--Eastbourne Performance
One O'clock Jump--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
You Gave Me the Gate (and I'm Swingin')--Duke--Bragging in Brass
John's Idea--Basie--The Golden Years
Midriff--Duke--…and His Mother Called Him Bill
The Jitters--Basie--The Essential Count Basie V3
Main Stem--Duke--Blanton/Webster Band
Out the Window--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
Just Squeeze Me--Duke and Johnny Hodges--Side by Side
The Come Back--Basie--Count Basie at Newport 1956
Satin Doll--Duke--NY Concert
Lady Be Good--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
Things Aint What They Used to Be--Duke--NY Concert
Hallelugha--Basie--Basie's Golden 58
BDB--Both--The Count Meets the Duke
A-Train--Duke--Soul Call
9:20 Special--Basie--The Atomic Basie
Mellotone--Duke--Passion Flower
Evil Blues--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
Pussy Willow--Duke--The Duke at Fargo 1940
The Spirit is Willing--Basie--Live in Paris 1972
Such Sweet Thunder--Duke--Soul Call
Bun's Blues--Basie and Oscar Peterson--Satch and Josh
Intimacy of the Blues--Duke--…and His Mother Called Him Bill
Jumping at the Woodside--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
Rose of the Rio Grand--Duke--Bragging in Brass
Dark Rapture--Basie--Complete Decca Recordings
"Fragmented Suite for Piano and Bass, Third Movement"--Duke and Ray Brown--This One's for Blanton
Smack Dab in the Middle--Basie--Count Basie at Newport 1956
Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue--Duke--Neport 56 Complete
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Re: Set list from Duke vs Count

#2 Post by SpuzBal » Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:37 pm

That sounds awesome.

And thank you for spelling the song "Dark Rapture" and not "Dark Rupture," as it's sometimes (mis)labeled. Heh.
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