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Re: Lindyhopper's Delight

#16 Post by Surreal » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:11 pm

I still can't remember the term, and I'm combining bits and pieces of things that I've read to apply to music... but here are the bits and pieces from my foggy memory: (it's possible I'm completely wrong/misremembering some of this)
- your brain strongly tries to seeks patterns in everything, which leads to expectation
- when something meets that expectation, cool, your brain is happy, though not terribly stimulated
- when something deviates from the pattern/expectation forming in your head, your brain has to work harder to process it
- if it's a minor deviation but falls within a certain range of parameters, it is deemed acceptable and your brain likes it because you spent a few extra microcalories processing it and it releases dopamines or whatever on a minor scale as a reward; if it's too far out, then it is unacceptable and rejected and makes your brain unhappy
- if it's a very far deviation, there's a chance your brain actually filters it right out and it doesn't trigger the bad reaction on the instinctive level, but rather it is now a conscious thing and you are processing it on an active rather than subconscious level
- training and exposure does change how your expectation bias works, which changes your mental reactions

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Re: Lindyhopper's Delight

#17 Post by kitkat » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:04 pm

I really need to spend the $30 and grab a copy of how Michael Gamble's crew decided to transcribe this...

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Re: Lindyhopper's Delight

#18 Post by CountBasi » Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:11 pm

lipi wrote:If you had remembered the proper term, I wouldn't have cared about your post, but now that it's just slightly vague, I am incredibly intrigued by it.

I got your humour here even if nobody else did :D
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