Only on CD: Albums/Collections You've Snatched

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Only on CD: Albums/Collections You've Snatched

#1 Post by Jose Tello » Sat May 20, 2017 5:01 pm

I wanted to put a question out there to the DJs. There's a ton of great music both in digital and "hard" CD/Vinyl formats, but as most of us have come to find, there a handful of albums & sets that are still only available in CD format.

What are some of the CDs you've found worthwhile to buy over the years? I'm mostly referring to "classic" Swing Jazz, but I guess the question is open to all kinds.

*Note: Mosaics, of course, would be on this list so let's exclude those.

Here are a few CDs that I've picked up and haven't found in digital formats:
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Live at the Savoy 1939-1940 (HEP)
  • Harry James - New York World's Fair, 1940 - The Blue Room, Hotel Lincoln, 1941 (HEP)
  • Jimmie Lunceford - The Uncollected Jimmie Lunceford and His Harlem Express (1944)
  • Glen Gray & Casa Loma - Live at Meadowbrook Ballroom Cedar Grove NJ (1940)
As I finish writing this, I realize I forgot to do a quick search in case of a duplicate post - so I hope this isn't a duplicate! :)