Bandcamp donating to ACLU today

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Bandcamp donating to ACLU today

#1 Post by lipi » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:30 pm

(I'll risk angering the moderators by placing this here, but I suspect most of the few of you reading will find it worthwhile, regardless of where you live or even of what your political leanings are.)

Bandcamp is donating all their proceeds (15% of what you pay--the rest goes to the artist) today to the ACLU. (For the non-US contingent, and for the US contingent that hasn't been paying attention in civics class, I suppose: ... ties_Union) ... ding-drive

Ideas for swing-dj-worthy albums:

Gentlemen & Gangsters (if you only buy one album, make it their "Last Call" one):
I cannot recommend this enough: https://gentlemenandgangsters.bandcamp. ... /last-call

Naomi Uyama's new CD (I've liked the samples and the few songs I've heard DJ'ed so far, so I'm buying this today):

Tuba Skinny:
I particularly like their earlier ones (probably because I have played them most so am most familiar with them):