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New Original Music from Glenn Crytzer

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:20 am
by glenncrytzer
Hi Everyone,

I've just signed up for a new sort of project. It's a bit like a kickstarter, but instead of throwing down bigger dollars for an album's production, this site lets you sponsor an artist as a Patron on smaller level - per song.

They have all sorts of different artists creating unique art from all different disciplines. In my case, as a songwriter, the idea is that you sponsor my work for $1 or more and you'd then get rewards each time I write a new tune, plus some ongoing benefits for each of the different bonus levels. So if you agree to support me at $1 per song, you'd get a live recording of the new song (the live recordings we release on Patreon won't go out anywhere else) $5 per song gets you the recording plus a copy of the leadsheet for the tune.

The important thing here is not only do you get some new music, but you actually get to help sponsor its creation - you can be a micro-John Hammond or Norman Granz. There's also an Patron feed where the creators can interact with Patrons, and where you can give input about what sorts of new tunes, tempos, topics for songs etc you'd like to hear.

I hope you'll give it a look and sign up to support my work even at just the $1 to get the new recordings! I'll probably average 1 every month or two so it's not a big financial commitment but it's a great way to support the creation of new swing music!