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Bunny Berigan GOLD - takes, alts, photos, private recordings

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:56 pm
by Eyeball
Pepsi Cola jingle November 4, 1941:
w Bunny Berigan and his orchestra and Georgia Gibbs.
Studio recording for Pepsi Cola.

Berigan pics-
Young Bunny Berigan -

Original Vocalion label for "I Can't Get Started" - ... tarted.jpg

Original Vocalion recording -

Berigan cover art for Victor - ... c_101b.jpg

Variation of above from a later issue -

Cover art from a RCA EP - ... 423900.jpg

Berigan in his own words - ... rigan.html

"I Can't Get Started" - original Victor recording: Good, natural, unrestored sound from a 78 rpm pressing -

"I Can't Get Started" - original Victor recording - ALTERNATE TAKE!
This is the RCA Victor alternate take recorded the same day and date as the famous version. This remained unissued until the late LP era. Lots of fascinating little differences in both his solos and his vocal! It's a little faster, too.