Must have book with CD for swing dancers

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Must have book with CD for swing dancers

#1 Post by djman » Fri May 17, 2013 2:51 am


This new book is a must have for jazz lovers:

Jazz. New York in the Roaring Twenties
Robert Nippoldt, Hans-Jürgen Schaal
Hardcover with CD, 8.5 x 13.4 in., 144 pages, $ 49.99

I's t a translation of the german edition which had the folowing awards:
- European Design Award, 2008, Stockholm
- Institute for Book Arts: “The Most Beautiful Book of Germany” 2008,
- Illustrative: “One of the Most Beautiful Books of Europe” 2007, Berlin

You can order the book on-line: ... enties.htm

or in a store: ... stores.htm

The book is also available in french.

It's my birthday this saturday, I'm going to ask this book with CD !

Unfortunatly the track listing of the CD is not given on the website.

I will publish the track listing when I received my present (in a few days).

There is a few images from the book at: ... ees-folles

Especially a map of the jazz club in the 20s.

DJ Man