my new lindy hop community project:

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my new lindy hop community project:

#1 Post by byau » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:09 pm

Hey everyone-
so my new Lindy Hop community project is done and I'm officially launching it now ... please come check it out.

"I AM LINDY HOP - be a part of Lindy Hop history"

I've been posting this to Lindy forums but am posting it here now because Reuben saw the site, liked it, and requested that I add a "DJ" profile type (previously it was just instructor, musician, event, venue).

So I just added a "swing DJ" profile type ... so come check out the site , browse around so you can get an idea of what it is, and add yourself if you like :)

Here is the blurb I've sent out to other forums.


I AM LINDY HOP - be a part of Lindy history

It's been something running around in my head for awhile now for a few years, started to really gel at the end of last year and this whole celebration of "Frankie Week" got my but into gear to get this out now (like now!) ... because I really like that Frankie is making his whole 95th celebration not just about him but about the celebration of Lindy Hop.

Please come visit, add your photo to the collage, and add a story or two !

What the site is:
Two things: A place to gather stories, share stories, and make them part of NEW Lindy Hop history. And also a place for Lindy Hoppers to add their photo to a collage, creating a mosaic of Lindy Hoppers from all walks of life

Why I did this:
For the last several years, hearing Frankie and Norma talk about Lindy Hop and the community in the 1920's and 30's inspired me to want to do something "showing off" our Lindy community of today. .. with the difference that in the 1920's and 1930's it was the Harlem and New York Lindy community, today it's a "World Lindy Hop Community" so to speak.

The first thing that always struck me was Frankie talking about how Lindy Hop transcended demographic and racial boundaries. And today that definitely holds true .. you can travel almost anywhere, not even speak the language, and be able to relate to people. So the vision here was to create some sort of "collage" where people could add their own photo, so we could see how far reaching the Lindy Hop community actually is

The second thing was it was always really fun to hear their "old-timer" stories, and it struck me that it'd be just as valuable to find out what the current stories of why people got into this thing and why they stay.

Even yesterday Sheri and I were in the car and Peter Loggins name came up and we were curious what got him started. So a place for people to record and share stories was the second element of the project ..

Thus the two different elements of the site, a photo collage and a place for someone to tell their story.

Please come by and visit and if you like, add a photo, add a story, and help me spread the word. No story too small...and if you still think you have no story to add, just come add a photo and a joke or two Smile