Roots and Rhythm crazy CD set deal

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Roots and Rhythm crazy CD set deal

#1 Post by ymendel » Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:58 pm

I learned about Roots and Rhythm when a friend noticed a great deal on a Sidney Bechet box set and thought of me. Their latest "latest additions" has something that might interest anyone here.

Go to ... 010809.htm and search for "Bebop". And before you have anything to say about how bebop doesn't belong here, keep on reading and check out this bit:
Did I say series? Yes, there are four other box sets of 100 CDs each - one devoted to Classic Jazz, one to Swing, one to Big Bands and one to Modern Jazz. We have pdf files for those too if you are interested. There is a package deal where you can get all five volumes (Five hundred CDs - 10,000 tracks!!) for $950 and you'll never have to buy a CD of pre 1960 jazz again!
100 CDs of swing for $235.98 (assuming each set is the same price) seems like an amazing deal. It also seems like a huge pain in the ass when it comes to putting all the music on a laptop, but it could be worth it. At the least, I'm going to be requesting some PDFs.