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Searching for a recording - Night Club Suite - 1933 - Green

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:02 am
by Eyeball
Green's Night Club (Six Impressions for Orchestra with Three Pianos)

Johnny Green wrote a number of classic pop tunes in the 1930s including 'Body and Soul" and "Out of Nowhere" and "I Cover the Waterfront" among others.

I just found out her wrote this "Night Club Suite" which sound like a fascinating piece of modern American music.

Question is - has it ever been recorded and released in any form.

MY web search skills are not good enough for a search like this.

The spelling may be either "night club" or "nightclub".

Below is some information from Johnny Green admirer, Peter Mintun :

"The only recording I know of Night Club Suite was a reference recording made by the BBC when it was performed in London.

The Green Collection at Harvard University should have it. Whether or not they have preserved it is another question.

In Carnegie Hall on January 25, 1933, Paul Whiteman's Concert Orchestra introduced Green's Night Club (Six Impressions for Orchestra with Three Pianos). Green was at piano "one," and Roy Bargy and Ramona (already associated with Whiteman) performed at the other two.

Telegrams were received at the Hall from friends who wrote:

Dana Suesse: "Johnny -If all night clubs were like yours, I'd be in one every night;

Arthur Schwartz: "I have heard and I hope that this composition will give you a new kind of fame. Loads of luck;

Eddie Heyman: "My six impressions tonight are Excitement, Hope, Delight, Faith, Thrills and Assurance." "

Re: Searching for a recording - Night Club Suite - 1933 - Gr

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:35 pm
by lipi
It's been nine years, and I suspect John doesn't read this forum anymore, but Peter Mintun acutally tracked down some recordings from, it appears, the Carnegie Hall concert, and posted them on Soundcloud in the past two years. ... mpressions

There's also an older playlist with most of the same material. I'll link it here for completeness's sake: ... hnny-green