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#1 Post by The Peanut Vendor » Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:30 pm

I disagree that the record companies etc are simply a business responding to supply and demand. MTV, Much Music, Sony BMG, Universal, Warner, etc basically dictate what is going to be played and how much. There are many, many horrible songs that have been released into this world, but have become popular. So many people despise Nickelback, I'm surprised they still sell. There are also many really bad musicians that 'make it'. Good for them that they found a good agent with connections.

The companies just 'think' that something will sell and then market the hell out of it and give it good airtime. The people then begin to believe that it is good, and then they start to like it. It's all about bandwagon syndrome. If someone else tells you a product is good, then you'll probably believe it.
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#2 Post by julius » Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:29 pm

Marketing helps, but in the end the marketing arms of record companies are ultimately giving people what they want. They aren't forcing genres onto people, they actually have people who go out and try to figure out what customers want to hear and then release music that sounds similar to what people want to hear, hoping for a hit. Over time, tastes gradually shift and the record companies just slavishly follow suit because that's where the money is.

Record companies do not innovate, as a rule.