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Glenn Miller

#1 Post by CafeSavoy » Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:01 am

So what's the deal with Glenn Miller? On the Artie Shaw thread, some one was insulted when Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller were compared. As if Glenn Miller was the devil or something. Are we really going to let ideology stand in front of music. I thought the point was to find the gem among the rough. Do the members of this board really think that Glen Miller have no songs worth playing?

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#2 Post by main_stem » Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:55 am

The only Miller CD you need is The Spirit is Willing. It focusses on the "jazz" side of his orchestra, which I tend to regard as a sweet band in the vein of Paul Whiteman. It's this emphasis on the sweet, novalty tunes (Partly due to the way his music is still marketed) that turns many people off.
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#3 Post by GemZombie » Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:57 am

There are plenty of songs worth playing. It's just that he was very refined, and sometimes that hurts the music in my opinion, takes away some of the emotional aspect.

There's lots of good Miller stuff out there tho, you just have to search for it since everyone always puts the poppy crap on the collections. Check out the live stuff (studio broadcasts) if you can find them, they're quite good.

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#4 Post by AlekseyKosygin » Wed Jan 05, 2005 10:14 am

I'm down with Glenn Miller, I appreciate the fact that he brought the big band sound to so many people, does most of his stuff Swing really hard? No, not really...

But there is some stuff that does...I like the Army Air Force Band Box Set as well as the instrumental sides on "The Spirit Is Willing", I think the reason you don't hear his stuff played at most dances is because there is so much better swinging material out there...

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#5 Post by Serg » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:04 pm

Yo Rayned, you took that Artie Shaw thread way too serious. I think the cold and gray weather is getting to you. Aren't you lucky to be down here is less than two weeks soaking up some 75º weather and sipping some Porto Wine?

For the record, I do have "The Spirit is Willing" and the "Lost Broadcasts" and there are quite a few songs that I dig and play regularly.


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#6 Post by BigBandDJay » Wed Jan 05, 2005 6:19 pm

I own a Glenn Miller V Disc with a handful of hard swinging songs including a sweet version of "Stealin' Apples." Best version i've ever heard of that song.

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Bob the Builder
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#7 Post by Bob the Builder » Wed Jan 05, 2005 7:24 pm

I'm never a fan of saying "I don't like an Artist"
I prefer to say much of the material that I have been exposed to by an Artist is not my taste in music.
However when I comes to Glenn Miller I have to say he has a few great songs. I think It sometimes is a matter of looking beyond the basic CDs.
Here are some songs that I personally like.

Jeep Jockey Jump - 2:15 - & the Army Air Force Band - 1944
Here We Go Again - 3:37 - & the Army Air Force Band - 1944
(I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo - 3:13 - A Portrait Of Big Band Swing - 1942
A String of Pearls - 3:13 - A Portrait of: - 1941
Little Brown Jug - 2:57 - A Portrait of: - 1939
Jeep Jockey Jump - 3:12 - The Lost Recordings - 1944
Sun Valley Jump - 2:20 - & the Army Air Force Band - 1944
I Got Rhythm - 3:38 - & the Army Air Force Band - 1944
Peggy, The Pin Up Girl - 3:17 - & the Army Air Force Band - 1944
American Patrol - 3:18 - A Portrait Of Big Band Swing - 1942
Elmer's Tune - 3:06 - A Portrait Of Big Band Swing - 1941
Chattanooga Choo Choo - 3:23 - A Portrait Of Big Band Swing - 1941
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) - 3:13 - A Portrait of: - 1942
My Blue Heaven - 3:14 - A Portrait of: - 1939
I Want to Be Happy - 3:06 - A Portrait of: - 1938
Song of the Volga Boatmen - 3:25 - A Portrait of: - 1942
Running Wild - 2:49 - A Portrait of: - 1940
Rug Cutter's Song - 3:01 - A Portrait of: - 1940
King Porter Stomp - 3:31 - A Portrait of: - 1938
Pennsylvania 6 - 5000 - 3:14 - A Portrait of: - 1940
Jukebox Saturday Night - 3:05 - A Portrait of: - 1942
Sun Valley Jump - 2:59 - A Portrait of: - 1939
The Spirit Is Willing - 3:29 - A Portrait of: - 1941
Glen Island Special - 3:02 - A Portrait of: - 1939
Here We Go Again - 2:59 - Keep'em Flying - Glenn Miller - 1944
Caribbean Clipper - 2:39 - Keep'em Flying - Glenn Miller - 1944

They are just what I like that I have. I know there is a lot of other Glenn Miller material out there that I don’t have that is good.


PS Comparing artists is never a way of fully understanding a artists talents.