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by Moonmist
Sat Mar 13, 2004 6:31 pm
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: food songs?
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Most of the songs I can think of it's already listed. But here's a few more:

Too Marvelous For Words (they said something about food in there) - Ella w/ Nelson Riddle

Chop Suey Chow Mein - Louis Prima & Keely Smith

C'est Si bon - Ann Margret
by Moonmist
Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:34 pm
Forum: DJ Skillz
Topic: How do you find your new music?
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I don't know if anybody had mentioned this already. But I listen to other people's Live365 and write down what I like and do investigation that way. I also research artists and thank goodness of places like iTunes that lets you sample them. Then I go to amazon or to try to get them. And eve...
by Moonmist
Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:28 pm
Forum: DJ Skillz
Topic: Appropriate length of an intro
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I have several awesoem songs that has a long intro, and I usually just cue straight into the good part. Of course, hoping to put it on MP3 format and cut out the slow parts because there's some good stuff in the beginning, and as Jesse said will pay off. If you think about it, 30sec is long for a so...
by Moonmist
Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:06 pm
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: What's the makeup of your collection?
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60% stuff I love
20% stuff I like
20% just stuff

10% and growing great dancing music from soundtracks.
30% of discount bin that people don't appreciate
40% gem from close out sales
20% paid full price
by Moonmist
Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:02 pm
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: What are your favorite songs right now?
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Current favs: Baby it's Cold Outside - Ray Charles version Drop me off in Harlem - Victrola (Austin's own) St' James Infirmary - from Metropolis Soundtrack Murder, He Says - surprisingly Tori Amos (from Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack) the Dinah Shore version wasn't that impressive, though I was told tha...
by Moonmist
Sun Jan 25, 2004 9:32 pm
Forum: Upcoming Events
Topic: Great Southwest Lindyfest
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Has anyone looked into hiring students from the music school at UH? Here's a clip of their jazz orchestra: The director's name is Noe Marmolejo , and it looks like his email address is (ph: 713 743-3191) (he could probably hook you up w...
by Moonmist
Sat Jan 17, 2004 9:21 pm
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: Evoulution of a Dj...
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As a novice DJ, I hate to say anything that is not necessary true. But, my situation is that I stumble upon the role of a DJ. I started a venue that ask people what they want. At first, I don't want to bear the responsibilty of reading the crowd. Hence, they can tell me how to run that show, especia...
by Moonmist
Mon Jan 05, 2004 10:19 am
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: Wedding Ceremony Music
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Kalman, I was going to say the same thing...

If he's flexible, At Last seems to be pretty popular for that occasion. Of course, there's nothing wrong with some of the nice, upbeat, instrumentals too.
by Moonmist
Wed Dec 31, 2003 1:53 pm
Forum: DJ Skillz
Topic: You accidentally play the wrong track...
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Well, if it worked out that's good. I accidently played the wrong song that's really fast at 4am at an exchange. And people stared at me like I'm crazy, I just said that since peopel think Houston dance fast, just giving you a taste. I got mix reactions. There's people that danced to it, and there's...
by Moonmist
Wed Dec 31, 2003 1:42 pm
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: JSP Records
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Many (if not all) of these are available on emusic. I downloaded a good lot of 'em before they became capitalists trying to be a profitable company (bastards). There's still good info/previews available by going to, choosing "label" in the search parameter drop-down box, and typing "JSP"...
by Moonmist
Mon Dec 08, 2003 4:18 pm
Forum: Tech Talk
Topic: Djing w/ iPod
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Well, unless I got a cool little powerbook, it's hard to lug 2 devices around. But I understand the not being able to preview thing. Personally, as backwards as it may sound, I actually still carry my CDs with me. But in case I have missed something, esp. buying stuff from iTunes and not have time t...
by Moonmist
Thu Dec 04, 2003 6:15 pm
Forum: Tech Talk
Topic: Djing w/ iPod
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Djing w/ iPod

I was reading part of the Laptop DJing, and I was thinking... Is it better to DJ w/ an iPod or a Laptop? Personally, I've been DJing w/ my iPod for a little over a year now. I found it easy to do w/ 20 gig. You may not have the full information but as long as you tag it properly it's pretty cool...
by Moonmist
Thu Dec 04, 2003 6:00 pm
Forum: Swinging Music
Topic: Theme Songs
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Well, every season I have something different...

Summer: Summertime (Chris Connor)
Winter: Baby, it's cold outside

Hey, it's Texas, we only get 2 seasons.

For a while I identified alot w/ Love me and Leave me so I got alot of versions of that song. Nowadays I'm just searching for something good.
by Moonmist
Wed Nov 26, 2003 3:28 pm
Forum: DJ Skillz
Topic: DJing Non-Swing Venues as a Paying Gig
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Well, in restuarants, they prolly just go to Pottery Barn and buy a compliation, and play it over and over and call that background music. The music is not toe-tapping because people want you to have an enjoyable meal, but on the other hand, not to put them to sleep. To the jazz-ignorant, you have t...
by Moonmist
Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:11 pm
Forum: Upcoming Events
Topic: Austin Exchange - the Theme WAS trumped by Music
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No, no, thank you guys for letting us play around. Funny how you tummy is filled with junk food & cola and still can dance and lose weight at the same time! :wink:

Sorry I had to miss the CD shopping, but I am looking forward to next year already!